"Once we have an evenly diverse workforce,
the circle will be complete, it will be full.
Our work will be done."

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Full Circle 21

Our Ambition

Our ambition is for the renewables sector in Scotland to have a fully diverse workforce with all genders and ethnicities equally represented.

We want the renewables industry to recognise Full Circle 21 as a group that can be called on to help support career progression through training, workshops and peer support.

Yes, that is a lot to achieve, but you have to start somewhere and we’re up for the challenge!

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Our Goal

Wind Turbines

We will working closely with universities to promote the industry to underrepresented groups (e.g., girls and ethnic minority groups).

Audience and Lecturer

We will provide opportunities for underrepresented groups already in the industry to acquire skills that will facilitate career progression e.g., presentation skills, coaching support, access to a wide network of allies.

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We will provide a network for buddies/allies to share open and honest conversations and ideas. Allowing everyone to learn more about the lived experiences of underrepresented groups.

Image by Ian Schneider

We will share job opportunities to attract more diverse talent into the industry and stop leakage out of the industry. We want this to be a supportive environment for those looking to return after time out of work too.


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