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Starting Out in the Energy Sector

I’m Rebekah and I’m an Xccelerator with X-Academy, as well as part of the FullCircle21 team. I started in the industry only a year ago when I also first started with X-Academy. During this short time, I have already been exposed to so many great opportunities – which I think has really shaped my entry into industry.

Having once been someone who struggled with confidence and putting myself out there, I feel I have grown so much already in just the one year. I think a lot of this I can put down to getting the opportunity to go onto an early secondment, as it allowed me to gain experience of the conference environment and get the chance to start meeting people, growing in confidence, and developing the ability to approach people.

Before this I was nervous at the idea of making a fool out of myself while being so new in industry, in front of lots of people I didn’t know. The more I started doing it however, the more I would find that no one cares what you are doing as much as you think they do. No one remembers the things that you are fixating and worrying about like you do, just as you don’t think or fixate about things that anyone else around you have done. This really helped me with getting over the fear of putting myself out there.

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