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Full Circle Journey

Diversity & Inclusion Self Development Programme delivered by Full Circle 21, industry experts and our partners.

Full Circle Journey is a development programme focused on personal and professional development qualities within diversity and inclusion (D&I) space. The Full Circle Journey consists of two programmes, introductory “Let’s explore…” programme and advanced "Let's dive deeper..." programme. To successfully complete the journey, both programmes are concluded with certification if participant attend at least 4 out of 6 programme sessions.

Image by Andrew Neel

Let's Explore...

Finding differences & commonalities

"Let's Explore..." programme is as it's name suggest, focused on exploring key principles of D&I and their practical applications in a workplace. The programme includes topics such as:

  • Language and cultural differences

  • Workstyles and work patterns

  • Contribution to organisational change 

  • Neurodiversity & mental health 

  • Reframing meaning of D&I. 

"Let's Explore..." can be compleated as a standalone programme or as an introductory part of the "Full Circle" Programme.

Let's Dive Deeper...

The future full of potential

After completion of “Let’s Explore…” programme, participants can continue on with the Full Circle programme through “Let’s Dive Deeper..." programme, which continues on the development journey through exploration of more vulnerable and ambivalent topics such as:

  • Microaggressions and conflict

  • Recognising and dealing with emotions 

  • Unconscious and implicit bias 

  • Communication styles

Image by Clay Banks

Express Your Interest

If you're interested in participating in the Full Circle Programme, either as a standalone participant or corporate group, please contact us through LinkedIn.

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